Beborn Beton and Computorgirl

Album: Harmonizer
Date: 05/09/2002
Location: Trocodero, Philadelphia
The Trocodero sucks. Their policy of not having a line form until 30 min before the show time is ridiculous. It results in a bunch of people just milling around outside, trying not to be in a line. It wouldn't be so bad if there was actually somewhere else in the area to go, but everything closes around 6, leaving everyone standing around like bums (there are a few real bums mixed in for good measure). Their stage is to freakin' high. If you like to be up front so you can see, forget it, unless you are 9 feet tall. Anyway.... The crowd was lame. God forbid you would actually clap or cheer or anything. Most people just stood there. Computorgirl wasn't very impressive. She hardly moved. She seemed nervous. Granted, if you walked out on stage to dead silence, you would be nervous too. Beborn Beton were the real surprise of this show. They sounded great and put on a good show. Snagged their autograph afterwards. The Apop show was very heavy, lots of crunching guitars, nothing like the album. Some of these harder retoolings of the songs worked, some didn't, some could barely be recognized. They were not as good as I was hoping for.-Bryan