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From: Jesse (Jesse dot Erbacher at gmail dot com)
Date: 11.1.121
Subject: Area One Poster
Any change the area one poster is for sale? Went  
to that show 
as a youngster in MD. Seems to be the only place  
it might still 

From: Eileen Cowart (ecowart100 at yahoo dot com)
Date: 20.8.110
Subject: help
need to get to my site                            

From: Sharon Kuykendall (oilpatchcatch at yahoo dot com)
Date: 8.1.110
Subject: own requests on spouses requests
There are some movies that I would like to see    
that my husband says that he won't pick.  Actually
he falls asleep anyway.Been wanting to see Avatar 
and Star Trek (New version). Sincerely, Mrs.      
(James)Sharon Kuykendall                          

From: Tony (Tony at CDToaster dot com)
Date: 5.2.109
Subject: National Lampoon
Hello, can you please advise as to how we may     
purchase/donate to receive a copy of National     
Lampoon's "Best of the Lost Tapes"?  Thanks.      
Reply to Tony@CDToaster.com                       

From: sue cohen (fanita00 at yahoo dot com)
Date: 23.1.106
Subject: Vitamin Z
Love the site. Similar question to others on the  
board, I cannot find the Vitamin Z Rites of       
Passage CD anywhere. I see it's been released in  
the year 2000. Any idea where you bought it? that 
would be super helpful. Thank you!                

From: Paul (paul at hallett dot org)
Date: 26.11.105
Subject: CD Info.....
Hi there - I noticed that your CD collection      
includes the extended version of Massive Attack’s 
Mezzanine, which adds Cocteau Twins - The Thinner 
the Air (Massive Attack Remix); Madonna - I Want  
You (Massive Attack Remix); Ringson (Underworld   
Remix); and Bjork - Hyperballad (Massive Attack   
Slow Jungle Mix).   I have been looking for this  
recording, but cannot locate it anywhere.  Would  
you mind providing details of the CD such as      
label, catalog number, etc?  Anything else you    
could tell me that would enable me to locate a    
copy would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you                                         

From: rach (nikuya4 at hotmail dot com)
Date: 5.10.105
Subject: howdy
nice site, forgot I still had the address. now i  
won't be surprised when i come over! nice work on 
the house.                                        

From: Bill Welliver (hww3 at riverweb dot com)
Date: 10.5.105
Subject: Brian Deffley is the master of the Uberkool
how's that for a guestbook?